Monday, January 5, 2009

Paint The Year Positive

I love it when I feel inspired, and challenged, and ready to take on the world.

2008 was a year of changes for our family. Changes in our patterns, routines, job responsibilities and jobs in-general. They were ultimately good changes, but definitely took some adjustment periods. Since Mr. Steve worked his booty off making his new career a success, a lot of the online business chores fell on my shoulders; and even with the slow economy, this holiday season was extremely busy for me and the biz. I stayed focused, sold up a storm and ultimately had a successful season.

As hectic as the last month was for me work-wise, I felt most accomplished by the amount of reflection I was able to sneak in. Many hopes and ideas that have long been stewing in the back of my head really made their way to the surface recently and instead of scooting them back to the corner like I have for a long time, I decided that it was really time to act upon it all. After all, we faced the all-intimidating concept of "change" about this time last year and lo & behold, everything actually turned out ok. Not only ok, but good ... great. Taking these steps in the right direction and learning from the modifications made, proved to be an excellent lesson for me.

And so I decided, this principle could also work for my own personal goals. Lists are made, preparations in place, work to do. I am excited and happy. For the first time in awhile, the world looks different to me and not so routine. I have stayed content in my comfort-zone for a long time and I'm ready to step outside of that to make new changes. It also didn't hurt that I was approached by an incredibly talented person who is onboard to make some of these dreams come true (thanks, J).

Positive transformations are on the horizon. Watch out 2009! There's a determined cupcake lover in the house.

Stay tuned, j-boo

"The road leading to a goal does not separate you from the destination; it is essentially a part of it."  ~Charles DeLint


Wen said...

What an inspiring post, Jinxi! I'm REALLY excited for you and know you will accomplish everything you set out to do and then some. :D

Your wonderful energy also extends out to others who, simply by knowing you, get to experience how special and remarkable you are ... and I, for one, am very proud to count myself among them!


Bushels and baskets of love,

Steve said...

I love it Jinxi. Things are in place, steps have been taken and now the next adventure begins. I look forward to the ride. You know that I have your back and will support you with all my heart. Yay for Jinxi and Yay for living life.

As Neil Young said, "the middle of the road is a boring place to travel and from now I will be traveling in the ditch, a rougher ride, but I meet much more interesting people there."

Love Always.

Shivs said...

I love moments when people are inspired to take risks and move beyond their comfort zones. I also love hearing about people who have support to do those things! Here's to the new year, Jinxi... Thanks for reminding me to make some changes and experience something new.