Saturday, January 17, 2009

An Explosion of Inspiration

My daughter introduced me this amazing artist today and I was so mesmerized by his gorgeous work and unique style that I just had to share.

Behold the brilliant work of Leonid Afremov; a Belarus born, Israeli modern painter who opts for a palette knife as his tool of the trade, instead of a paint brush. His oil paintings truly captivated me and after nearly an hour of ogling his online gallery, I left so inspired. That's the test of an incredible artist, don't you think?  When you can view their creations and feel not only moved, but as though you understand the stories they are telling, without reading or hearing one word?

I hope you enjoy his fanciful world as much as I did.

Over and Out, j-boo

1 comment:

Wen said...

WOW! You are absolutely right, Jinxi ... he is definitely one of the most provocative and talented artists I have seen in a long time. Such a unique style, too. I really love it.

Thanks so much for sharing!!

Love you xoxo