Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Come On Now, In the Middle of the Road

Much catching up to do.  So I believe I will accomplish that in a swoop of photos.

First up, new tattoo of an adorable, little, vibrant owl who many think looks like the Tootsie Pop owl, but was actually  from the gorgeous artwork archives of Becky, a New Zealand based artist, whose work I just love! You can find oodles of her incredible pieces at owlfactory.
I adore her work and when I first saw this piece, knew that I wanted it on me.  Nate McManus, my good friend and longtime tattoo artist, inked it for me.

In hair news: I decided to call a truce between my longing for the ease of "shaved headedness" and my desire to grow hair again ... and so, half of it came off and half remains; as did the pink.

My daughter Brynn has a keen eye when it comes to photography and she shot these photos of me on a street near our house. For some reason, memories of  The Pretenders where conjured up when I first saw them. =)

Steve and I ventured off to Claremont on Sunday and grabbed lunch at Le Pain Quotidien, a divine little cafe with vegan options (including dessert).  Incredibly yummy and suffice to say that we will be going back SOON!
Our entrees:
One of our favorite aspects about Claremont Village is the unique art displayed throughout the complex.  How amazing is this multi-pieced sculpture, complete with evolution references and all, by Tom Otterness?
And this gorgeous tile mosaic mural is just a ZAP of sunshine and positivity.
And now I am off to catch up on work, before the kids get home from school.  Brynn's band is playing at talent show tryouts at her high school tonight and I'll be there with video camera in hand, and a proud mom expression on my face.

Over and Out,


Steve said...

That was a fun day in Claremont. Good food, good art and fantastic company. Looking forward to a big hug when I get home. Wish I could make it to Brynn's tryouts, hopefully, I will get to see the video. Love ya.

Wen said...

Thanks for that amazing tour of your day out in Claremont, Jinxi. It looked like a really wonderful, relaxing day! And I'm very impressed with Brynn's eye for composition, too -- wow, GREAT photos! :D

Love your new little owl friend, too!


Wen said...

Oh yeah, and I LOVE the new 'do -- it's a total ZAP of sunshine, just like YOU! ;-) xoxo

madness rivera said...

Hi Jinxi, I love your hair! It's so springtime and pretty.

Oh and I love mosaic art. Awesome photos. Hope your well. Love to you and the fam.
xoxo! Danette

Katie Harris said...

aw this made me miss southern california. which is hard to do! love you and love your blog. xoxo katie