Saturday, October 11, 2008


Someday they will realize.
Someday they will regret.
The antagonism; the cynicism; the disdain.

Regret not stopping to smell the roses,
while they were in their last scents of innocence;
before the world moves on and the days disappear.

They make her want to run away.
They make her want to start anew.
They break off little pieces of her heart.

There will come a day when reflections are all there are.
When those minutes and moments are gone.
Can't recapture them; can't rewind.
She knows, because she faces her own ghosts and understands what regret means.

Someday they will wish that instead of asserting the struggle,
instead of fighting the wavelengths of understanding;
instead of believing that two entities are so different and diverse;
that it is merely because the two minds are so similar, that the struggle exists at all.

Someday they will realize.
Someday they will regret.
But she still hopes that they will change.

- J-Boo


tony said...

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Anonymous said...

That was beautiful, Jinxi.

Wen of Wales ;) xx