Friday, October 17, 2008

Fridays, Infinite Jest & Politics

It's Friday. There is always something a bit
special about Friday. Even when I don't have anything particular planned and even when I still have work to do all weekend. Fridays just have a different kind of air; like there is more potential for something fantastic to happen.

My haiku to "the Friday"
Smitten by the vibe
Spirits fly high on Friday.
Hopeful and sanguine.

My new (and entirely enjoyable) hobby has been readi
ng this 3 pound literary wonder. I have wanted to tackle it for quite some time and sadly, the nudge it took to begin it was the untimely death of its author, David Foster Wallace, in September. Described as not only a "genius," but a "once-in-a-century talent," Wallace provided the literary world with wildly inventive stories. Among them, is this 1,079-page novel. While I am only 1/5th of the way into it, I find myself totally enthralled with the characters and can't wait to tackle each new part of the dense and ominous plot. The book manages to be hilarious in the midst of some of the despair-ridden themes. I definitely look forward to my "reading time" each day.

I find that I am so disenchanted with the "race" to the White House.
Honestly, at this point, it feels like more of a "leisurely jog" to the WH. I just wish that November 4th would hurry up and get here, already. I also REALLY, REALLY hope that Californians step up and vote for fairness and humaneness in regards to these measures:

Come on California! Everyone deserves equal rights! And farm animals deserve humane treatment (they really deserve more; like to be treated just like the family dog or cat, but that's another blog and at least Prop 2 is a START in the right direction!)

I find it incredible that in this day and age that either of these propositions are even issues in our society; but given the regressive era we find ourselves in, alas, they are. Let's step up and advance a bit, eh? VOTE NO ON 8 and YES ON 2!!!

On a random note, look at this funny photo that Steve and I took on the way to Fresh & Easy the other day. Maybe proponents of the "Yes on 8" campaign need to pull over at this little stop and LIGHTEN UP a bit! Ah ha ha ha ...


madness rivera said...

Hooray for Yes on 2, and boooooooo on Prop 8 - Definitely a big fat NO. Stop hatin Cali; share the love.

I've eyeballed Infinite Jest a few times. Lord, it seems like such an undertaking to read. But I know it's a good crawl through Wallace's dark and brilliant mind. Let me know how it goes.

You look so pretty in that photo, J. Did you shave the head again??

madness rivera said...

Nevermind, I see the hair on the side there. HA!