Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A New Outlook

It's funny how dedicating yourself to something new can change your whole outlook and perspective on life-in-general. That sounds like a dramatic statement, but I feel that way lately. I find that I am much more in touch with ME ... with my mind, my outlooks, viewpoints, capacity for learning, my health, my time, and my goals. I really feel like making the switch to veganism could not have come at a better time in my life. It has opened up my consciousness and put me back on a track where I feel very focused and much more grateful for everything around me. Not only do I feel healthier because of the foods I am putting into my body, but I see a correlation in the way I approach so many other aspects of my day; and that makes me feel mentally and emotionally healthier too.

his is really an awakening for me and one that I look forward to continuing as I grow, learn and become something more bold, more focused, more aware than I ever have been before.

Yesterday, I attempted my first "homemade" beans and rice dish ... and lo & behold, everyone actually loved it! Woo hoo! Tonight, I am making baked potatoes with red beans and broccoli. YAY!

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