Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I've Waited Hours For This

Updates, updates!!

So... I made the fabulous vegan chocolate chip cookies again, with the yummy recipe that I got from Dreena Burton. The whole family loves them and there is not a stitch of a chance you would ever know that it is lacking dairy products! Divine, if I do say so myself =)

The election rollercoaster is reeking havoc on what LITTLE patience I have left with the "intelligence level" of this country. HOW is Sarah Palin considered a viable candidate for one split second, for what, some might say, is the 2nd most powerful position in the world? Are you kidding me? Absolutely INCREDIBLE!! If the McCain-Palin joke-of-a-ticket actually succeeds in blindsiding America into a win this November, it will truly be evident that this country is officially void of any capacity for reasoning; and in a nutshell, absolutely has NO SHAME!! The land of instant gratification will have fallen victim to the pretty, shiny, oh-my-god-she-looks-like-a-"normal"-person-and-she's-a-hockey-mom-AND-I-am-totally-going-to-block-out-the-last-eight-years-of-degeneration-because-she-told-a-funny-joke-and-she-wears-cute-glasses. Yep...that country!

Well, I hope this horror does not become reality... and I also hope that THIS ridiculous Proposition (8, that is) does not pass and take away the long-awaited equality of gay couples; which would make that recently-granted freedom way too short-lived, should it pass. This sign is in the yard of one of our idiotic neighbors who thinks he would actually even KNOW if a gay or lesbian couple was married. The truth is, it wouldn't effect him any more than if I bought a new pair of purple socks. He wouldn't know and it wouldn't be of any consequence to his life one way or the other. I really don't understand why people that think they are protecting the "sanctity of marriage" (as if it's SO sacred in America nowadays) spend SO MUCH time pushing their judgmental noses into other people's business; and more specifically, bedrooms. Geesh!!

My hair is growing-along nicely. It's pretty funky to have it up on top again; but I like it and I'm anxious for it to grow just a bit longer so I can dye it a vibrant shade of pink.

In musical news:

I learned to play this on my bass today and I am quite stoked about it!

The "Head on the Door" has always been my favorite of The Cure's albums and given that, well, how could one not just totally dig "Close to Me."

Over & Out, J-Boo

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Steve said...

That is great Jinxi. I love it. Palin needs to come out of her cave and let the people ask her some questions. What is she afraid of. If she cannot deal with Americans asking her questions, then how will she be able to deal with foreign leaders. Come out, Come out wherever you are Mrs. Palin.

Oh and Prop 8. I must agree again. What possible difference could it make to anyone if two people are married or not. They have the right to walk down the street holding hands and it would not be any different if they were married or not. It is simply amazing to me.