Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lessons of a 2nd Degree Burn

About one week ago, I burned the middle finger on my left hand quite badly. My potholder was wet and when I went to grab a pan from the oven with my right-hand (that which the potholder was on), the heat seeped right through, causing an instant reaction for my left hand to reach up and grab the pan to steady the shock. OOPS! Huge mistake and INSTANT, major burn to the area that hit the metal first. For hours, it stung and burned to an insane level. I ran it under cold water, held it tightly and hoped that when the pain subsided that I would a) still be able to play my bass; and b) be able to type. I didn't know what the end result would be... but luckily, as the night went on, I regained some mobility with the finger and the hand; and although it was extremely sensitive, I was able to continue with regular activities (most importantly those involving my guitar and my computer - ha) by the next morning. Over the next few days, a gigantic, bubbly, gnarly blister developed. It seemed to grow larger and larger for the next 48 hours or so, until I got used to seeing it and bumping it into damn near everything that I touched. It finally popped and a new healing process began.

It was during this curative time that I started realizing that this blister, and the entire incident, really; was almost a reflection of how I had been feeling recently and transformations I had been experiencing. My emotions, reflections, tribulations, experiences, hopes, and fears had, in a way, been through a rollercoaster of a ride; sort of like my middle finger had been.

I had felt the burn, the shock, the pain, the fear, the relief, and the increasing pressure.
Then, it/I sort of **POPPED** and released a lot of what had been pent up.
But the positive effect of it all was that a new healing began and a tough new barrier developed that mended the mistake and the twinges of pain as it/I progressed through each step.

I am left with a new epidermatic layer of both skin and understanding. Both are a bit thicker and stronger. Both are more mindful of not making the same mistakes, protecting that which is precious, understanding how powerful healing (in any sense) can be, and how ironic it was that the whole occurrence centered around my middle finger.

~ J-Boo

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