Monday, December 22, 2008

Octopus Love

A few months ago, I did a photo shoot with the incredibly talented, Michelle X. Star ( for a duel creative project with the painter, CallowLily (, who is going to paint a version of this photo. It was extremely fun to shoot and the editing work that Michelle did on the photo really blew me away. She made my octopus TRULY come to life!

**Makeup by the lovely Shandra Jade**

Winx, Jinxi


Wen said...

That is a truly amazing photo, Jinxi! Wow. What an amazingly awesome idea, too. Kudos to Michelle X for the fabulous photographic magic and to you for lending your own special magic of your own!! I look forward to seeing what CallowLily comes up with for the finished product.

Bravo! xoxo

Stefikins - 23 - Photographer said...

i love it!

madness rivera said...

Awesome Jinxi!

I hope you and the fam had a fantastic holiday, and happy new year!

Love ya,

nikkimoose. said...

this is incredible !!