Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Love Text Tattoos

Rex Manning (aka tattoo) Days are always among my most favorite of times and are especially fun when we get to hang out with our longtime friend and longtime tattoo artist, Nate. He and Marie headed over to our neck of the woods with tattoo gear in tow and after endulging in some yummy vegan pizza, I was lucky enough to add some new ink to my skin.

1) Vegan Jinxi: we squeezed this one right above Miss Octopus that resides on my throat/chest

2) I dig this next text tattoo that we added to my shoulder, because not only is it the title and lyrics to my favorite of all of The Cure's songs, but I love the positive message behind it as well. There is no if, baby!

3) Knuckle tattoos are always fun and this one is, well, ME. (he he)
I had Nate tattoo my signature to this blog and other writings that I do: j boo

YAY for Rex Manning Days!!

The rest of the weekend was groovy as well. We scurried around the mall in Riverside for a bit, as the kids picked out a few new pieces to their wardrobes and enjoyed the time out and about (even it was at the lame-ass mall - ha ha).

Work has been keeping me hopping lately. Even with the economy the way it is, customers still manage to squeak in some shopping from my store here and there; and I definitely appreciate each and every order.

It's full of collectibles, charms, pins, stickers, figurines, patches, keychains, shoelaces, buttons and all sorts of gift-type goodies (in case you know anyone looking for such sorts). ;)

Over and Out,


madness rivera said...

Nice Jinxi! I love text tat's too though I don't have any. haha. Oh wait, I have my husband's and the girls' names.

I am jonsin' for a Rex Manning Day myself, but after buying the new bike, I think I'll have to wait till summer. Looking good, Jinx!

Candy Stick Lane said...

Hey Jinxi!!! GREAT Tatts - Can you get anymore fab?! sheesh - and your hair is really sprouting out :) LUV IT!

Wen said...

BEE-U-TEE-FUL new inks, Jinxi! And I love your hair ... looks awesome!!

Lots of love from the Welsh Wench ;-)

nikkimoose. said...

i give you all the credit in the world. hands down. incredible tattoo

Captain Amazing said...

Did you make sure that the ink used by the artist was vegan friendly? Standard black ink is made from burning animal bones.