Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Sounds, Nico Vega & Tofurkeys

The family and I were lucky enough to head back to the newly-renovated Hollywood Palladium on the 20th for one fantastic night of music!  I even dyed my hair for the special occasion. ;)

This time, The Sounds, a band from Sweden that all five of us love, was in LA recording some of their new album and booked this gig at the HP.  Lucky for us, because it was one incredible set!!

Maja, the singer, is such a firecracker!  She is FULL of energy, spunk, and passion!!  What an electrifying performance they presented.

Check out this video (near the end) when she kicks off her shoes, backs up and runs off the stage, leaping into the audience and crowd surfing.  RADNESS, I tell ya!!

The kids really had a good time too.
Since the kiddos were old enough to tag along, live music has been an integral part of our family outings,and I'm glad it's become a common activity for this little familial gang.

I took quite a few videos that night.  Here's a link to my youtube channel if you are fan of The Sounds and want to see more:

But I think this was my favorite of the bunch.  It includes the songs, "Queen of Apologies" and "24."

I would also be remiss if I didn't mention the opening band, whom I was totally taken with that night and plan on following the calendar of, in the future:  the three-piece dynamo, Nico Vega.  This band from Los Angeles was on fire that night as well and quite unique and fascinating (and I mean "unique" in the good sense ... not the "unique" where you mean "weird" but don't want to be mean - ha)

I am now baking apples and yams, in preparation for tomorrow (Thanksgiving) and trying to get the other dishes (all vegan-ized) that I am contributing to the feast, measured out and ready to pop in the oven in the morning (this includes two Tofurkeys - yum!)
So much to be thankful for ... that's for sure!

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Wen said...

Hiya Jinxi - we've been offline for over a week now with the move, however broadband is expected to be ready by this Friday! YAY!! Atm I am posting from my in-laws where we have our PC hooked up for emergency access and I wanted to be sure to take a moment to say hello and send our LOVE to all of YOU! Hope you had a Rad Turkey Day!! Lots of love XXXXXX Wen