Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It's funny how the concept of birthdays have changed in my mind as the years go by. You would think that as I age, the apprehension would grown stronger as the day approached, but funny enough, I have found that just the opposite seems to occur now.

On Saturday, I turned the big 3-8.
I remember when I first hit 30, I thought my youth had totally disappeared and could not believe that I was entering this decade of life (ha - so funny now). I played the "I'm so old game" and "let me latch onto age 29 forever" dealio. But something happened as the "mid-thirties" crept up on me and I sort of shifted that mindset and stepped back a bit to view the "bigger picture."

I know it sounds cliche, but I realized that every year I am around, I learn so much more, become so much more, and experience so much more. All of this growth sort of accumulates and the repertoire of who I am and "What Makes Me Jinxi" seems to culminate together, just as a new 365-day-span starts again.

I would like to think that I'm just playing the optimistic card, but strangely enough, it's kind of more than that. I really DO feel that way. Kind of like I "earned" each tally-up on the age clock and am glad I got each experience necessary to reach it.

It also didn't hurt that my family made the day extremely special for me.
All three kiddos made me sweet, heartfelt cards/letters (my favorite) that are the ultimate treasure.We had a nice dinner out - despite having made plans to trek down to The Native, a vegan restaurant in Costa Mesa, when our plans were cut short due to every freeway from Corona to CM being closed due to the horrible fires - we still ended up finding nice vegan-friendly fare locally.And I got to embark on a little "splurgy" birthday shopping, which is always fun to buy things that you really don't need, simply because you are extra special that day. =)

All-in-all, tiptoeing into the "official late-30s" was pretty sweet. And I'm stoked to hit 39, because there is a Cure song about just that, entitled "39." (wink wink)

Over & Out,

**me on my 38th birthday**

**With Steve at dinner**

**my three little monkeys playing "Hear No Evil. See No Evil. Speak No Evil."


Candy Stick Lane said...

Jinxi Bday-Boo! Congrats and Happy Belated 2U! I concur with your conclusions! I, too, had a year long panic attack at 29 - but the further I get into my 30s - (Im mid 30s now) the more at ease I feel in my own skin - I agree with all your thoughts and Im anxiously peering to 40 Im excited to see how far Ive come once I pass the next 10! Happy Cupcake wishes and all the sprinkles I can send your way! All my love!

classy broad said...

happy birthday, jinxi! <3


Shivs said...

When I turned 29 I practiced for a year pretending to be 30. I also developed a mantra about my successes: I am happily married with two kids, an education, I own my own house, I have a car that gets me places and starts every time-- my life is good. I've done all the things I wanted to do by age 30. The funny thing was that for part of the year I was 30, I told everyone I was 31, until one day I looked at my birthday date on my myspace page and realized - holy crap, I'm a year younger than I thought I was....

So, it was a clever idea to stave off any "farewell 20s depression" and look how it turned out! Happy birthday week!!

Wen said...

OMG ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jinxi!! Sorry I'm a bit late!!!

And I completely agree and hear what you are saying about turning another year older ... when I turned 40 I kept waiting for the 'feeling' to hit me but it never did. I even threw myself an 'inner child' party with lots of toys -- bubble wands, frisbees, etc -- we had an absolute ball!

Happy Birthday, again, Jinxi Boo!!!

Love you lots,

madness rivera said...

Oh Jinxi, I'm bummed I didn't know before. Happy Bday, Lil Mama! You're catching up to me - ha.