Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love Will Prevail

If you care about equality for everyone, please watch this video and then sign the letter to the state Supreme Court here so that "gaycists" don't prevail.

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

Winx, Jinxi


madness rivera said...

Totally crying . .. thanks for sharing Jinxi.

Wen said...

Sorry I'm late commenting here, Jinxi, because I wouldn't want to miss adding my voice to this for the world!

When two people are sincerely, wholly happy they raise the vibration of all those around them. Here's to all those amazing, brave and beautiful souls who have come together against all odds and who stand together IN LOVE - FOR LOVE!!!

In addition to our own individual commitment to personal freedoms for all, my hubby and I have our own special story of coming together against all odds so we totally relate to and salute all the other 'true lovers' out there who are doing the same thing.

Love Will Prevail.

Love you, Jinxi Boo
xoxoxo Wen

Candy Stick Lane said...

I love this video, I watched it at a friends house last weekend and I was boo hooing =( Thanks for posting it! BTW I tagged you on my blog. Its a short and sweet tag (I promise) Smooches!

Anonymous said...

there are no words for this... just amazing. thank you for pistin git, jinxi! - jamie <3

Anonymous said...

Man, this is not an issue that I have ever been involved with, but I watched this movie and cried big, boo hoo tears. Then I showed it to my children, and cried again. ((wiping my nose on my sleeve and trying to look tough))