Thursday, February 26, 2009


This video just makes me happy and I'm pretty confident that if you watch it all, you will be smiling by the end too (if not 20 seconds in). So much talent; and their positive vibe is infectious. I thought the response from the other passengers was so interesting to watch as the video progressed. And WHAT'S UP with Black Jacket Man with his back turned? Come on now buddy, loosen up. (LOL)

Winx, Jinxi


Wen said...

That was absolute magic -- thanks SO MUCH for posting that, Jinxi. I think this demonstrates how powerful & transformative music can be and, indeed, the people who emote true happiness themselves.

Yeah, and Mr Grumpy in the black coat ... WTF, dude? ;-P


Anonymous said...

That made me tingle!!! Thanks for sharing it on your blog!